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Taifeng company was founded in 2004, is located in known as "the workshop of the world" beautiful Dongguan Shijie Town, is the first in the network line production and research and development of private enterprises. Is a well-known network infrastructure suppliers, is through the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification of manufacturers, is TIA/IEEE, UL and other industry association member units, factory products can be passed UL, CE, CMR, CMP, such as certification.

After nearly 13 years of development, Taifeng people adhering to the innovation of philosophy, in the design and process of the line network has unique innovation, actively grasp the pulse of industry technological development. Has been the people's Republic of China and a number of utility model patents and a number of inventions.

The advantages of Taiwan feng: Taifeng company owns the world's most advanced Nokia ouside 65mm tandem extrusion production lines, 500 mm ouside of cutter production line, ouside 900mm Outcover extrusion production line, ouside 800mm set production line, and multiple production lines, to meet the needs of high performance products, meet the growing needs of market capacity, is currently one of the largest integrated wiring products production enterprises, with DCM network analyzer, fluck extensor expansion test machine, high multiple projectors, and other detection experimental equipment.

Guangdong nuopu (TFDGNAMP) initiated a new era of global integrated wiring:
Now we often complain about the speed is too slow. In fact, the problem in the main line, now all brands of twisted pair, each twisted pair twisted pair of direction and four pairs of twisted pair in twisted together in the direction of is the same (similar motion). The production of such double strand produced from torsional deformation, by rubber coated by force four twisted pairs of twisted together, with the time delay (generally a year or so), temperature changes, aging of rubber, decreased the adhesion of rubber to the twisted pair, so twisted pair self twisting form gradually directed self twist state transition, so that section of the strand from the variable length, so that the quality of signal transmission is greatly decreased, the trunk line speed slow.

Using the patent production of double strand Guangdong Knopp (TFDGNAMP) brand, each twisted pair of twist direction and four twisted wire pair set strands together is opposite (ISO). This production line of the network is in a non self twist. Rubber of four twisted pair adhesion effect. With the delay of time and the change of temperature, the four pair of twisted pair will always be in a state of no self twisting, the pitch of each pair of twisted pair will not change, and the transmission quality of the signal will not be changed. Speed is never slow.
This scheme has been applied for national patent:
ZL 201520298848.7
ZL 201510235421.7
ZL 201510235378.4
ZL 201520298836.4

A: cable diameter: 0.307in (7.8mm)
B: optimization of material technology platform, using the most advanced nitrogen charging pump pressure steady, output with wire speed changes and changes of the UK beta three layer coextrusion U7 free to the nose, the Dow physical foaming material, production line size stability, stable capacitance, the diameter of the wire is stable.
C: each line on the use of patent program on the ground (Patent No.: ZL 201520298848.7), a pair of separate separate shielding, signal does not interfere with each other. Transmission performance far exceeds the TIA / EIA CAT6A and ISO / IEC class EA standard support 10Gbps data transmission, 6 packets of ANEXT index over standard, the bandwidth up to a maximum of 500MHZ.D: rated cable weight: 18.2 kge; wire diameter: 23AWG oxygen free copper and reflux line 24 AWG tinned copper
F: sheath material 80 series of aluminum magnesium series or tin plated copper or non woven, outer sheath PVC or LSZH for 10 Gigabit Ethernet, 10G is the latest, and is the fastest development of data transmission protocol. TFDGNAMP-CAT6A, can provide you with a zero risk 10G solution, it is fully in line with the standard, can support the 10Gbase-T application protocol, and can provide 500MHZ broadband transmission. TFDGNAMP- CAT6A in ANEXT test value of giving a margin to exempt a tedious scene ANEXT test, and the installation is convenient, the shielding system specially developed to support end-to-end channel length shortest to 7 meters, data center and network storage and which has longer life cycle of building the ideal choice.

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