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  As is known to all, in signal transmission line in network cabling, network with transmission medium, cable and optical fiber are often used in wiring the two transmission medium.Cable types are divided intoShielded twisted-pair cab...
  Super six kind of cableMore and more widely used in many integrated wiring projects, data center main part is made of superSix kind of cableBut also to its demands is extremely high, especially the fire retardant performance.And is ...
Six types of shielded cable
  Shielding system is to ensure that the transmission performance of electromagnetic interference environment system, for the shielding system, only with a layer of metal shielding layer is not enough, more important is must be perfec...
  According to the electrical properties of different, twisted pair can be divided into three categories, five, five, six and seven twisted-pair cable.Different categories of twisted-pair cable price differs even disparity, scope of a...
  Super five kinds of cableandSuper six kind of cableIs twisted pair.Transmission distance is the same, just different transmission rate.Transmission distance is less than 100 meters.Given the rate of other network equipment co., LTD....
  You always say what on the marketSuper five kinds of cable,Six kind of cable, what happened?Originally "super five categories" refers to what?Let's start with the "five classes", five refers to the electric...
  Six classesUnshielded twisted pairWhat are the advantages of, andSuper five classes of shielded twisted-pair cableCompared to what it advantage, let small make up for everybody introduction.   Six types ofShielded twisted-pair...
  In network wiring people according to their demand for information transmission, transmission distance, price to select the appropriate cable for their own use.At present, most consumers use way super five types of network, as wellS...
  "Six" means six classesUnshielded twisted pair(CAT6)   Six types ofShielded twisted-pair cableHas greatly increased in all kinds of parameters, transmission frequency also extended to 250 MHZ or higher.Six kind o...

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