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Analytic: twisted-pair cable transmission advantages and characteristics of five main wiring

Date: 2016-08-12 Source: www.dg-taifeng.com

  Analytic: twisted-pair cable transmission advantage with five major wiring way
  Twisted-pair cable has a long history, the use of interference in many industrial control systems and larger space and long distance transmission USES twisted-pair cables, we today is also widely used LAN using twisted-pair cables.Twisted-pair cable is used so widely, because it has strong anti-jamming capability, long transmission distance, easy wiring, low cost and many other advantages.
  Twisted-pair cable transmission
  , transmission distance, high quality.In twisted-pair cables in the transceiver is installed with advanced processing technology, offers an excellent compensation to the twisted-pair cables for video signal amplitude attenuation as well as the difference between the different frequency attenuation, keep the original image brightness and color and real-time performance, the transmission distance reaches 1 km or more, the basic image signal without distortion.If using relay, transmission distance will further.
  Convenient wiring, cables, high utilization rate.A pair of ordinary telephone line can be used to transmit video signals.In addition, building buildings widely laid five classesUnshielded twisted pairIn line take a couple can transmit video signal all the way, no additional wiring, even rewiring, five types of cable is easier than the coaxial cable.In addition, a five types of cable has 4 of twisted-pair cable, if you use a pair of lines transmit video signals, the other a few on the line can also be used to transmit audio signals and control signals, power supply, or other, improve the utilization rate of the cable at the same time to avoid the various signal wiring trouble alone, reduces the project cost.
  Strong anti-jamming capability.Twisted-pair cables can effectively inhibit common-mode interference, even under strong interference environment, twisted-pair cable has excellent image can be transmitted signal.And, using a line in a few of the twisted-pair cables transmit different signal, each other interference will not occur.
  High reliability, easy to use.Using twisted-pair cable transmission of video signals, on the front end to access special transmitter, special access to the receiver in the control center.The twisted-pair cable transmission equipment price is cheap, it is very easy to use, without professional knowledge, also do not have too many operations, once installed, long-term and stable work.
  , price cheap, conveniently.Due to the use of which is widely used ordinary five types of shielded cable or ordinary telephone line and buy easily, and the price is very cheap, to bring great convenience for engineering applications.
  Twisted-pair cable five wiring way
  There are many kinds of security wiring way, is the best way to wiring to fit engineering wiring way, therefore, we should according to the engineering situation, applying several ways are combined.
  1, point to point.Each pull a string or a 2 point to point to the four core ultra line 5 classes, if this point need to pass the control signal, you can get this 2 for the rest of the line to transmit control signals.
  2, a line list.Every four pull a point to point network cable, wiring accessories first four-way into an area will be the Internet line in order after these four points, for each point is through the skin to remove a thread for all the cameras.
  3, concentrated, before sending.First the camera signal by coaxial line together, into the multiplex transmitter via a network cable to transmit again after back to the monitoring center.
  4, the tree structure.Use 2 to 4 core twisted-pair cables will be scattered signal of point to point the way to a place of relatively concentrated, then by 4 to 5 class or logarithmic twisted-pair cable back to the monitoring center.
  Above all the wiring connector must be connected by welding, after welding to wound, to prevent water and oxidation.
  Dressing for isSuper five kinds of cable,Six kind of cable,Six kind of twisted pair, six kind of indoor cable, six kind of outdoor cable,Super six kind of cable,Seven kind of cable。

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