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Super six types of cable and what's the difference between the six types of cable?

Date: 2016-08-12 Source: www.dg-taifeng.com

  Six kind of cablewithSuper six kind of cableWhat is the difference?
  Six class line usually refers to the classUnshielded twisted pair.Super six type of cable is in performance than six classes online a hierarchical network cable.
  6 a adopts gear shape of cable groove shape can effectively minimize changes enhance signal to prevent the signal attenuation.
  But the frame is not the only standard of six types of cable, some six type of cable is a word isolation, some even did not, as long as can reach the standard, too test line.
  But most of the manufacturers, with no cross is not accord with a standard production six classes.
  Six cables and super six cables in structure have increased cross the skeleton of the insulation, and four of twisted-pair cable under cross skeleton within four grooves respectively.So what is the difference between them?The following isCable manufacturerLove XunTong disambiguation for everyone:
  From the appearance:
  1. Six types of cable line logo on the leather is cat6, super six class identity is cat6e cable line leather.
  2. Super six types of cable wire core of lay more dense, and the conductor is relatively coarse.
  3. The six classes of cross skeleton is the cable groove shape adopts gear shape.
  Six types ofShielded twisted-pair cableHas greatly increased in all kinds of parameters, transmission frequency also extended to 250 MHZ or higher;
  Super six kind of cable is also called the 6 a, can support Wan Zhao surfing the Internet, the biggest can reach 500 MHZ, twice as much as the six types of cable.
  Attached: six cables and super six cable increase cross skeleton to solve six common "crosstalk" problems in the transmission.

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