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Introduction to the application of super six types of cable network cabling

Date: 2016-08-12 Source: www.dg-taifeng.com

  In network wiring people according to their demand for information transmission, transmission distance, price to select the appropriate cable for their own use.At present, most consumers use way super five types of network, as wellSuper six kind of cableThe two.Here give you detailed introduction of the superSix kind of cableThe application trend in life.
  At present, the data transfer rate from 10 MB/s to 100 MB/s to 1 gb/s rapid development speed, the progress of the users and manufacturers are also hope to continue.Based on six extended twisted-pair 10 g products, whether from the cost of investment, or from the implementation of convenience, are more easily accepted by desktop users.Wiring system capacity of foundation, the greater the network device manufacturers for their products can do the less compensation, so as to realize as a decline in the cost of network.
  But on the other hand, the development of the optical fiber to the desktop more rapidly, from the current market trends, the development of the optical fiber to the desktop might be greater than the super six classes/seven kind of product, because from the transmission distance, even in Wan Zhao Ethernet, long fiber and medium-wave can support more than seven class six classes/cable longer transmission distance, and prices could also cheaper.And, in be used actually, optical fiber has its special features, such as long transmission distance, stable transmission, not affected by electromagnetic interference, support high bandwidth, won't produce electromagnetic leakage.These characteristics make optical fiber in the specific environment plays a copper irreplaceable role.
  Six class cabling in the data center has been adopted, with the increase of new data center construction, super six proportion will increase further.Super six types have their advantages, also has its limits, so in actual design, still should according to the specific situation, to choose appropriate own wiring system.
  In many large projects experience as you can see, in some high-end projects, especially in data center project, fiber optic cable has replaced the trend of the copper.Especially when the launch of flexible cable, fiber optic cable construction of the strong degree of a step up.In building cabling, while copper cannot be replaced, but as the optical fiber to the desktop solution is more and more mature, the future is likely to be super six kinds of copper and fiber optic coexist.For now, super six categories and or optical fiber, it is inconclusive, may also need to depend on the development of network products.
  Above all, it is not difficult to find that the super six kind of cable in the future will be more and more popular, the development of the integrated wiring system manufacturers was undoubtedly the opportunity.

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