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Outdoor six kind of shielded cable manufacturer to explain what is the advantage of six kind of unshielded twisted pair

Date: 2016-08-12 Source: www.dg-taifeng.com

  Six classesUnshielded twisted pairWhat are the advantages of, andSuper five classes of shielded twisted-pair cableCompared to what it advantage, let small make up for everybody introduction.
  Six types ofShielded twisted-pair cableHas the advantage that it can be a very good support gigabit Ethernet, and realizes the transmission distance of 100 m, and keep the level of ability to upgrade to gigabit Ethernet cabling, good transmission medium, and electromagnetic interference, can very good protection against some of the outside world will not be in when using temperature, humidity, not to reduce the transmission efficiency, six types of shielded twisted-pair cable is suitable for the child of the server room wiring, and audio effects also is pretty good.
  Six types of shielded twisted-pair cable compared with super five kinds of unshielded twisted pair is one of the most important difference is that it improves the performance in terms of crosstalk and return loss, for a new generation of full duplex high-speed network applications, good return loss performance is very important.Six standard basic link model, cancelled in cabling standard USES the star topology structure, the requirements of the wiring distance is: the permanent link length should not exceed 90 m, channel length should not exceed 100 m.Six wiring system comprehensive attenuation at 200 MHZ crosstalk ratio (PS - ACR) there should be a larger allowance, it provides 2 times in five categories of bandwidth, installation is simple at the same time, the quality is high.
  Outdoor six kind of shielded cableManufacturer of six types of shielded twisted-pair cable, main performance parameters is introduced
  Six types of shielded twisted-pair cable basic parameters:
  Basic parameters: CLAN six types of shielded twisted-pair cable
  Cable/twisted-pair cable type: six types of shielded twisted-pair cable
  Scope of application: computer room wiring system
  Transfer rate: 1000 MBPS
  Length: 100 meters
  The packing length: 305 meters
  The performance of the six types of shielded twisted-pair cable
  100 Ω, 250 MHZ, 23 awg.
  Cable inside with reticle core.
  Green PVC or LSZH cable sheath;
  Accord with UL94V - 0 level;
  Accord with TIA/EIA 568 b, EN50173-1 and ISO 11801:2002
  The advantage of six types of shielded twisted-pair cable:
  In line with international performance standards;
  Anti-jamming performance is good;
  According to environment protection.
  Six types of shielded twisted-pair cable scope of application:
  Six classes/D levels and high transmission rate network applications: gigabit Ethernet, 10/100 baset, etc.

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