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Cable manufacturers, discussion about how to choose in network wiring network jumper

Date: 2016-08-12 Source: www.dg-taifeng.com

  Jump lineBelieve everyone not unfamiliar, we will use to jump line in the LAN LAN to achieve data transmission, the use of jump line seriously affect the quality of the network transmission efficiency and stability of the network.And usually we use in the network cabling to jump line is usually comes from three ways: 1, the jumper, 2, brand product jump line, 3, buy jumper wire on the market.What is the difference between them on the performance of concrete?
  Today,Cable manufacturersGive everyone here under the interpretation of the scene made jumper, brand product jump line and buy the jumper on the market what is the difference in performance, convenient in our network cabling can choose a goodNetwork jumper。
  Actually jump line network structure mainly from the jumper cable conductor, crystal head, cases of these three aspects.
  1, on-site production of jump line
  The scene for making jumper cables, are generally level wiring the remaining fraction line.Horizontal cable conductor structure for solid conductor, Cat5e using AWG24 (1/0.511 mm), Cat6 AWG23 (1/0.574 mm) naked soft copper wire.This kind of structure of the cable is more hard, bending is poorer, the line is more difficult.Also due to the installation of crystal head is the use of simple hand pressure type pressure welding tools, pressure to crystal head piece of gold with a solid core conductor of reliability and crimping operators operating pressure to have larger, the relationship between the production performance of jump line, with a FLUKE choice jump line unit tests, RL, NEXT the performance of the individual difference is very big, and the reliability of the mechanical connection point a brand product jump line significantly worse.
  2, brand finished jump line
  Standards of jumper wires on the production of finished products for AWG26 conductor (7/0.16 mm) or AWG24 naked soft copper conductor (7/0.20 mm).The structure of the cable is more soft, good bending, ensure the jumper in the process of use is very convenient.At the same time being stranded copper wire, the line easily.With FLUKE choice jump line unit testing, performance of RL, NEXT allowance over TIA568B standards to the factory.
  Finished product jumper wire and cables and connection hardware because belongs to a brand, easier to make the whole passage is consistent with the characteristic impedance, gain the ideal RL value.
  3, the market to buy the jumper
  Market channels of jump line due to the varied, understanding for jumper wire products is not very professional users, and are likely to buy even made on-the-spot jump line.Even buy brand jumper wire, it is possible that shanzhai phones.Was found in a project site customer used to test the jumper cable structure for 5/0.16 mm twisted aluminum wire, the jumper wire identified as a famous brand product.With FLUKE choice jump line unit tests, RL, almost all the performance of the NEXT allowance is less than 10.0 dB, this is clearly belong to the fake and shoddy products, is also in the general market up and it is easy to run into problems when buying.
  To sum up, in the network cabling to guarantee the stability of the network transmission efficiency and network choice brand product jumper is undoubtedly the best choice.

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