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Cable factory tutoring you identify true and false of cables

Date: 2016-08-12 Source: www.dg-taifeng.com

  1, identify
  Different specifications of the Internet has its own identity and purpose.The identity of the three kinds of line is CAT3, bandwidth of 10 m, applicable to 10 MB network, at present, the basic has eliminated;5 kinds of line identifier is CAT5, bandwidth of 100 m, is suitable for MB under network;Super 5 kinds of line identifier is CAT5E, bandwidth of 155 m, is the current mainstream products;Six class line identifier is CAT6, bandwidth of 250 m, is used to set up gigabit network, is the future development trend.Secondly by looking at the way we can distinguish most false 5 class/super class line.The real line 5 classes online the characters printed on the plastic wrapping is very clear and smooth, basically do not have serrated.Fake handwriting printing quality is bad, some font is not clear, some serious serrated.Authentic line 5 class is marked "cat5", 5 class is marked by the "5 e", and fake goods are usually marked by the all capital letter "such as cat5", "five e".
  2, check the cable flexibility
  Good quality cables at design time considering the convenience of wiring, try to be very flexible, no matter how to bend is very convenient, and it is not easy to be broken.And on the market at present, many in the original is the quality of pure copper cable in involved in the other cheap metal components, so the cost of the cable will decline, but the quality and performance of cable itself is big different, show the phenomenon is the quality of the network cable is no longer so soft, cable transmission speed also sell at a discount greatly.If in the process of wiring, repeated bending the cable, cable inside of copper cable may be broken.If it is found that Internet is too soft, of course, also should pay attention to it could be a fake and inferior products.
  3, testing the cable conductor color and around the pitch
  Ordinary twisted pair is made up of four groups of winding cable connected together.So-called around the distance of the cable is the length of the cable new rao section, usually expressed people use around from each pair of lines on the degree of closely intertwine, and to will be generated between each pair of lines on the crosstalk level down to the youngest, often will line the counterclockwise direction closely intertwined, and each pair of lines on the distance should not be the same.But usually inferior cable with four lines to carried out in accordance with the same round from the winding, even around from up to several centimeters, so that line of the crosstalk between the surge, the serious influence the performance of the cable.Commonly used, for example, is ample on class line 4 5 class/super white in the core of that should not be pure white, but with paired with the core of grey color, this is mainly for the convenience of users in making crystal head difference line to;And fake goods are usually pure white or color is not obvious.There is 4 of conductor winding density, true 5 class/super class line winding density is moderate, the direction is counterclockwise.False line density is small, usually direction could also be clockwise (less).
  4, test the temperature resistance of cable
  Wiring project of cable resistance to the change of ambient temperature have quite high demand, not resistant to any environment change, at least cables cannot be softening under high temperature or low temperature environment or be frost crack.In order to guarantee the performance of the cable under the environment of high temperature is not affected, authentic cable skin materials can resist up to 50 degrees of high temperature test, won't appear similar cables are softening or deformation occurs.If a short cable sheath, next to the stove for a period of time, found that the skin than normal skin become soft, means that the cable quality is definitely not good.
  5, the test of cable combustion can be
  In general composition of cable material must be fire resistance requirements, otherwise what appeared a fire, it would be disastrous.So everybody when choosing cables, be sure to check the cable skin can burn, to distinguish authenticity.In the concrete test, you can use scissors to cut first take about 2 cm length of cable skin, then use the lighter on the skin burn, quality goods cable sheath under fireworks barbecue, gradually to melt deformation, but the skin will not burn;If found the husk of the cable can not help the test of fire, some burning up the cables high transmission speed are should give up choice, after all the cables in the wiring project is not safe to use it leaves a lot of potential safety problems.Can find a Duan Zhengpin cables and counterfeit cables, and with a lighter to light them at the same time, after a few seconds, authentic cable should only take a white smoke and over time, gradually melting deformation, and inferior cable is less than 2 seconds, can be easily ignited, and accompanied by a large number of black smoke.
  6, test skin stretching
  When considering the network cable wiring often need to bend, so many formal manufacturers in the production of cable skin have a certain extension, the good cable plastic skin smooth and resilient, to ensure the cable is not damaged when bending.So pull cables, formal hand skin has the extension.If the snap skins rammed the cables, and the action of external force or skin, have the crack phenomena, it shows that the Internet is a problem with the quality.In addition, the Internet has a white line, this is pull line, can bear the tension of 11 kg, but not for inferior network cable.
  7, conductor purity
  Cut open sheath outer layer, the insulating pull, cut open conductor section to observe whether cross section copper color uniform, if it is pure copper, is homogeneously gold;But if the mixed inside the iron or aluminum, or other metal can see clear white miscellaneous points, or black.In addition, with Yang fire to the surface of the copper conductor will present in the color black and yellow color is still the same, wipe away after burning the black part of the copper is still maintain the original color;But if iron no matter how you wipe it is dark black.
  8, test the speed of the Internet
  Testing of cable transmission speed is the most effective ways to identify cable quality authenticity;Test for closer to the actual use of the environment, at the same time reduce the interference, the author suggests using the double machine straight way.In order to guarantee the accuracy of the test at the same time, try to use good quality brand card, ensure not happen during test hardware bottlenecks;At the same time also to ensure the computer system clean, neat, running speed, otherwise the running speed of the computer itself will affect the network transmission speed.In addition, when doing connection cable, use good quality crystal head as far as possible, and to ensure that the thread specification done, only in this way can the influence of the external factors of network transmission speed will be reduced to the minimum extent.
  If the test speed is 100 MBPS, that is five kind of twisted pair,
  Cable manufacturersSaid if only 10 MBPS, that is used in the three kinds of cable wiring.This method not only can correct the difference between three kinds of line and line of the five types, and can be used to test each pair in a twisted-pair cable wires twisted around whether accord with a standard, but also can detect whether qualified wires in the metal medium.Note: when the network speed test, the length of the twisted pair should be the standard length of 100 meters, or measured data without any practical significance.

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