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Cable manufacturers five recruit to teach you how to differentiate between true and false five network line and super five network line

Date: 2016-08-12 Source: www.dg-taifeng.com

  On the market the most common false line up to five classes and three kinds of four types of fakeFive types of network lines;Counterfeit famous brand or to a less known and inferior brand.So, how to discern between true and false?
  Cable manufacturersFirst of all, to identify from the cable marking.Three or four class line identifier is CAT3, CAT4, bandwidth of 10 m, suitable for 10 MB network, at present, the basic has eliminated;Five categoriesNetwork lineLogo is "CAT5, bandwidth of 100 m, is suitable for MB under network;Super 5 kinds of network line identifier is CAT5E, bandwidth of 155 m, is the current mainstream products;Six class line identifier is CAT6, bandwidth of 250 m, is used to set up gigabit network, is the future development trend.
  Secondly through the way we can "see" discriminant most false 5 class/super class line.The real line 5 classes online the characters printed on the plastic wrapping is very clear and smooth, basically do not have serrated.Fake handwriting printing quality is bad, some font is not clear, some serious serrated.Authentic line 5 class is marked "cat5", 5 class is marked by the "5 e", and fake goods are usually marked by the all capital letter "such as cat5", "five e".
  Second, with the hand feeling.If still cannot distinguish by using the method of "see", can be further by using the method of "touch" to feel true and false 5 class/super class line on the material difference.True 5 class/super class line texture is soft, this is mainly in order to adapt to different requirements, the network environment are generally used twisted-pair cable wire core, copper wire do softer (because some may need cable network environment for small Angle bending, if hard wire rod is easy to break.);And some of the illegal manufacturer in production in order to reduce cost, add other metal elements in copper, to lead is hard, not easy to bend, prone to break in use.
  Moreover, cut with a knife.This step is only a small cut with scissors to remove line outside the plastic wrapping, make its reveal 4 to the core.Here we still further, by ways of "seeing 5 class/super 5 kind of line 4 in white in the core of that should not be pure white, but with paired with the core of grey color, this is mainly for the convenience of users in making crystal head difference line.And fake goods are usually pure white or color is not obvious.There is 4 of conductor winding density, true 5 class/super class line winding density is moderate, the direction is counterclockwise.False line density is small, usually direction could also be clockwise (less), mainly because the easier in production, so the production cost is small.
  Finally, with fire.You twisted pair can be placed in high temperature environment test, take a look at 35 ℃ to 40 ℃, the cable to the outside of the rubber will not become soft, authentic cable will not become soft, it is not a fake.There are really cable outside the rubber flame retardant, and false of flame retardancy of others, does not conform to safety standards, when buying might as well try.
  Conditional word, of course, you might as well use multimeter to measure the resistance of the wire size 8, if each line in the same value, and within the specified value will be able to confirm the line is available.

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