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Six class cable manufacturers say choose shielded or not shielded cable need to be careful

Date: 2016-08-12 Source: www.dg-taifeng.com

  When it comes to signal crosstalk of cable shielding, we can divide the line intoShielded twisted-pair cableandUnshielded twisted pair.Unshielded twisted pair consists of eight different colors of thread is divided into 4 of twisted together, pairs of twisting function is to minimize the influence of electromagnetic radiation and external electromagnetic interference.
  According to different shielding ways, the shielded twisted-pair cable is divided into two kinds, namely the STP and FTP.STP is to point to each line has its shielded twisted-pair cable shielding layer, and the FTP is adopted the whole block is shielded twisted-pair cable.Shielded twisted-pair cable has high transmission rate, can achieve 155 MBPS, within 100 meters higher than the corresponding unshielded twisted pair.
  Currently, our common cable types, most belong to the type of shielded twisted-pair cable.Which is now used by most local area network cabling transmission medium, use unshielded twisted pair networking, Internet cable is composed of a certain distance long twisted-pair cable and RJ45 head.
  May someone will ask, now that is shielded twisted-pair cable than the shielded twisted-pair cable anti-interference, transmission is fast, so why you do not use shielding of the five kind of twisted pair?Because shielded twisted-pair cable for the whole system is the shielding device, including cables, sockets, crystal head and distribution frame, etc., at the same time, the buildings need to have a good ground system.
  Shielded twisted-pair harsh environmental conditions, it is destined to the technology of "fragile".Generally speaking, in the actual construction, it is hard to perfect grounding entirely, so that the shield itself as the largest interference sources, performance may even return not equal to not shielded twisted-pair cable.So, unless you have special needs, usually only used in integrated wiring system not shielded twisted-pair cable.akihabaraSuper five classes of shielded twisted-pair cable, the best choice of your home!
  Unshielded twisted pair by using the theory of physical cut signal crosstalk, also has brought the cost is reduced, and the robustness of the network cabling.Shielded twisted-pair cable than on the principle of unshielded twisted pair is superior, but the technology of high vulnerability, capital investment, become a weakness.In both direct to choose, need careful.
  Super six kind of cableManufacturers say that if I really need a higher quality of network, and further transmission distance, the user can use the install Repeaters between two twisted pair, the method of better wiring cost performance.

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