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Outdoor six kind of shielded cable manufacturer mainly shielded or not shielded cable is suitable for family

Date: 2016-08-12 Source: www.dg-taifeng.com

  Shielded cables or not shielded cable is suitable for family, this let us baffled, but we all have a curious heart, let itOutdoor six kind of shielded cableManufacturers to discuss with everybody.
  Cable into the shielded cable and shielded cable, we actually are commonly used in our daily life are shielded cable.
  The shielded cable in twisted-pair cable insulation sheath is wrapped in 4 to 8 core.
  Shielded cable is divided into single shield cable and double shielded cables:
  Single shield cable: skins, aluminum foil, wire core
  Double shielded cables: skin, magnesium aluminum mesh, aluminum foil, wire core
  The shielded cable does not have the role of resistance to interference, relative, shielded cables, that is, for the sake of resistance to electromagnetic interference, prevent information by the role of eavesdropping, cable.
  inShielded twisted-pair cableCable sheath, and increase the leakage throughout the entire length of the cable wires, is the earth wire, the wire connected to the cable shielding layer.To have the effect of shielding.
  Aluminum foil is commonly used to prevent high frequency interference, such as high voltage, and metal mesh is to prevent the low frequency interference, namely everyday 50 hz frequency interference.
  shieldingNetwork lineHas better anti-interference performance than the shielding network line, higher transmission rate.
  If it is indoor use shielding network line will have a better transmission quality, indoor should choose shielding network on-line?
  The answer is no, in fact, indoor LAN us more is to use the shielding network line.
  Although is shielded twisted-pair cable transmission rate faster, anti-interference performance is stronger, but to connect systems have high requirements, need all shielding device, and require the building ground system.
  Shielding wire is only have the effect of shielding Short and ordinary Internet speed are the same,.Not long distance and outdoor secrecy isn't necessary.

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