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Cable market commonly used several kinds of network cable conductor material

Date: 2016-08-12 Source: www.dg-taifeng.com

  Cable made 8 wire core, but as long as 4 wire core, so there is a transformation of space, but no matter what wire core is the copper plating, looks like copper wire, copper wire is used to deceive people.Good quality cable is: 8 with pure copper wire core, this cable is very soft and very heavy.Below to introduce the current Internet market of several conventional cable conductor material:
  1, the core line
  Such resistance is big, the main conductor material is iron, the outer coated a layer of oxygen free copper layer, only suitable for transmission over short distances, and the environment using the bandwidth requirement is not high, the best transport within the 60 meters, not suitable for POE power supply.
  2, aluminum wire
  This kind of line resistance is about double the oxygen-free copper, around 60 ohms, aluminum wire is divided into three kinds, copper clad aluminum aluminum (normal), high aluminum and copper silvering.Home or small office in the end -- -- -- -- -- switch circuit can choose such a line.Such line only suitable for short distance POE power supply for resistance than copper wire.
  3, all copper cable
  All copper cable refers to bronze network cable, resistance on the high side, average household can transfer within 80-90 meters under the network environment.
  4, oxygen-free copper cable
  Oxygen-free copper line is one of the best line, the same case, the resistance of the copper to the second can be used as a high quality wire rod, can transport network about 120 meters.Small and suitable for use in POE power supply, resistance to avoid power loss in the transmission process.
  Cable manufacturersExplain why the Internet's largest effective transmission distance is only 100 meters?
  When the signal inNetwork lineTransmission of wire, the resistance and capacitance will be different degree of influence, make the signal attenuation and distortion, attenuation of signal intensity of the sender to accept ratio, follow the add of transmission interval, attenuation is added, when must level, signal attenuation can affect useful, stable transmission signal.
  Lines exist in the current, along with a magnetic field, different magnetic field of cable, called "crosstalk", network cable conductor after each other cuts to the influence of the crosstalk, and network line is also known as twisted-pair cable.Network line will be disturbed by electromagnetic wave, the background noise, the greater the bit error rate is higher, the quality of signal transmission through the network.
  Ethernet maximum delay time in the very great degree restricted the channel length, the maximum delay time is 512 bits, long would be considered beyond the time when the signal lost in transmission.
  IEEE802.3 specification, set equipments, nic port of phy chip only for copper to make ensure that 100 meters, it also said the device to the transmission interval to form the restriction.
  Network cable manufacturers, selection of materials, production equipment, the process and so on are the important factors influencing the cable transmission interval, defect cable can transmit useful interval cannot reach 100 meters, and transmission quality is bad, life is short.

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