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Read five types of cables, ultra six types of cable, six class A string

Date: 2016-08-12 Source: www.dg-taifeng.com

  You always say what on the marketSuper five kinds of cable,Six kind of cable, what happened?Originally "super five categories" refers to what?Let's start with the "five classes", five refers to the electrical industry association for cable definition of different quality levels.See more of the three cable line, five kinds of cable, super five types of cables,Super six kind of cableSeven kind of line, as well as the latest.Biggest difference is that the former thin wire diameter and thick which wire diameter, the former high skills begged to lower the latter begged, define separation are as follows:
  1) type of line: first is used for voice transmission (a kind of standard primary used in the early eighty s before telephone communications cable), is not the same as in the data transmission.
  2) the second line: transmission frequency of 1 MHZ, used for voice transmission and transmission rate highest 4 MBPS data transmission, see more at using standard 4 MBPS.
  3) the types of lines: the ANSI and EIA/TIA568 standards specified in the communication cable, the cable transmission frequency of the 16 MHZ, used for voice transmission and high transfer rate of 10 MBPS first used to imitate the communication data transmission.
  Line 4) four types: the class of cable transmission frequency of 20 MHZ, used for voice transmission and transmission rate highest 16 MBPS data transmission priority for local area network (LAN).
  Line 5) five categories: this kind of cable increases the winding density, coat a high density of insulation materials, transfer rate is 100 MHZ, used for voice transmission and high transfer rate of 100 MBPS data transmission, first used in 100 base-t and 10 base-t network.This is the most commonly used cable broadband Ethernet cable.
  6) super five kinds of cable: the five types of small attenuation, less crosstalk, and has higher attenuation and crosstalk ratio (ACR) and signal-to-noise ratio, smaller delay faults function get great progress.The five kinds of wind profile first used in one billion Ethernet (1000 MBPS).
  Six class 7) cable, the cable transmission frequency of 1 MHZ to 250 MHZ, six wiring system at 200 MHZ crosstalk induced attenuation ratio (PS - ACR) there should be a larger allowance, it supplies two times in 5 kinds of cable broadband speed.Six types of cable transmission function is much higher than the super five kinds of cable standard, the most suitable for the use of transmission rate is higher than 1 GBPS.Six cables with super five categories is not the same as the one of the main point is: improved in the function of the crosstalk and return loss, for a new generation of high-speed network using, good return loss function is very important.Six classes cancelled the foundation link model in the standard, wiring standard with star topology structure, pleading wiring distance is: durable link cannot be more than 90 m, the length of the channel length should not exceed 100 m

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