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Six types of shielded cable

Date: 2016-08-12 Source: www.dg-taifeng.com

  Shielding system is to ensure that the transmission performance of electromagnetic interference environment system, for the shielding system, only with a layer of metal shielding layer is not enough, more important is must be perfectly good shield grounding, in this way can the interference current effectively into the earth.The anti-jamming should include two aspects, namely, the ability to resist the electromagnetic interference and the system itself outward radiation ability of electromagnetic interference.In theory, a layer of metal on the cable and fittings appearance package material shielding layer, can effectively filter out unwanted electromagnetic wave (which is at present, most of the shielding system adopts the method).
  Six kind of shielded cable:
  1) type of line: mainly used for transmitting voice (a kind of standard is mainly used in the early eighty s before the telephone cable), different from the data transmission.
  2) the second line: transmission frequency of 1 MHZ, used for voice transmission and transmission rate highest 4 MBPS data transmission, is common in use 4 MBPS specification token passing protocol of the old token ring.
  3) three line: refers to the current in the ANSI and EIA/TIA568 standards specified in the cable, the cable transmission frequency of the 16 MHZ, used for voice transmission and high transfer rate of 10 MBPS data transmission is mainly used for 10 base - T.
  Line 4) four types: the cable transmission frequency of 20 MHZ, used for voice transmission and high transmission rate of 16 MBPS data transmission is mainly used for local area network (LAN) based on the token and 10 base-t / 100 base-t.
  Line 5) five categories: this kind of cable increases the winding density, coat a kind of high quality insulation material, transfer rate is 100 MHZ, used for voice transmission and high transfer rate of 10 MBPS data transmission, it is mainly used for 100 base-t and 10 base-t network.This is the most commonly used Ethernet cable.
  6) super five lines: the five types of small attenuation, less crosstalk, and has higher attenuation and crosstalk ratio (ACR) and signal-to-noise ratio (Structural Return Loss), smaller error, time delay performance is greatly improved.Super five types of line is mainly used for one billion - bit Ethernet (1000 MBPS).
  7) line of six categories: this kind of cable transmission frequency of 1 MHZ to 250 MHZ, six wiring system comprehensive attenuation at 200 MHZ crosstalk ratio (PS - ACR) there should be a larger allowance, it provides 2 times in five categories of bandwidth.The transmission performance of six kinds of wiring is higher than the super five kinds of standards, the most suitable for the application of transmission rate is higher than 1 GBPS.Six and five types of an important difference: improved performance in terms of crosstalk and return loss, for a new generation of full duplex high-speed network applications, good return loss performance is very important.Six standard basic link model, cancelled in cabling standard USES the star topology structure, the requirements of the wiring distance is: the permanent link length should not exceed 90 m, channel length should not exceed 100 m.
  Super six kind of cableBecause of the shielding system docking of strict requirements, extremely easy to cause bad earth, such as grounding resistance is too large, and the imbalance of the grounding potential, in the transmission system of a certain will generate an electrical potential difference between two points, thus producing metal shielding layer on the current, caused by the discontinuity, the shield breaking its integrity.At this time, the shield itself has become one of the biggest interference sources, and its performance have far less than shielding system.Shielding wire in high frequency transmission, grounded on both ends of the need, this is more likely to generate an electrical potential difference on the shield.Shielding, therefore, the requirements of the system itself, but the biggest obstacle to ensure its performance. A complete block systems require shielding everywhere, once any shield can't meet the requirements, all will affect the overall transmission performance of system.

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