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What are the six class cable types of flame retardant materials

Date: 2016-08-12 Source: www.dg-taifeng.com

  Super six kind of cableMore and more widely used in many integrated wiring projects, data center main part is made of superSix kind of cableBut also to its demands is extremely high, especially the fire retardant performance.And is mainly manifested in its production process adopted by the flame retardant materials.So super six types of cable production of flame retardant materials to have what kind of, can follow below yunnan six classesCable manufacturerTo have a look, there are four main.
  1, CMX low smoke zero halogen, this is a low smoke zero halogen inside inside one of the lowest grade, fire at a certain flame, but the fire is not very big, price also relatively cheap capital.
  2 CM, low smoke zero halogen, this information was somewhat less use of contrast, the primary action is not very significant, burned up a relatively small flame, cable quotation is not very cheap, so this information is not true about career, just as long as a few cable manufacturer will only take a shoddy to use the data.
  3, CMR low smoke zero halogen, applies the data contrast, first applied suitable straight, and everybody loved the data.Its embodiment for burning themselves will calm for a while, subtle smoke, contrast significantly, the current customers at home and abroad contrast of this line.
  4, CMP low smoke zero halogen, this data is the highest level, the first is applied in the forced ventilation environment, its embodiment smokeless, halogen-light, the effect is very good, price is more expensive, domestic use is not many, many of the current primary used in the developed countries.
  Data center equipment running continuously, send out a lot of heat, fire easily, so the cable fire prevention performance is extremely advantageous.European developed countries a lot of super six kind of cables are required to use CMP registration low smoke zero halogen material, and has introduced many specifications, such as: the world IEC60332 series of electrotechnical commission, the European Union EN 50399 and EN 50399 series, the United States UL series.
  Six class cable as transmission medium of the underlying infrastructure of the building, use flame retardant materials as the skin is a major way to prevent fire.Six class along with the progress of science and technology, production line of related technology matures, the related technical parameters are further optimized.At present this is not enough, but the future will also be popularization and attaches great importance to the domestic market.

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